SiteGround Special Discount Offers For 2021

The internet is easily one of mankind’s greatest inventions. We have never been able to share information on the scale we are now able to. This started off as people getting information from the internet but now has evolved to people creating their own blogs to running successful online business websites.

This used to be difficult in the past, as it meant you would need a server to run a site, not to mention finding ways to register a Domain name for your brilliant new blog or website.

Best SiteGround Offers of the Day!

However, with companies like SiteGround, which host your website at a small fee, running a blog/website or registering for a domain name has become easier. They even go so far as offering Special Discount Offers so you can enjoy savings on their already reduced prices. Check out this SiteGround Review for more details.

SiteGround Special Discount Offers - Web Hosting

SiteGround doesn’t offer any discount coupons for their Web Hosting Plans. Below is a special offer when you sign up as a new user.

SiteGround Special Discount Offers - WordPress Hosting

SiteGround doesn’t offer any discount coupons for their WordPress Hosting in India. Below is a special offer when you sign up as a new user.

SiteGround Reseller Hosting

SiteGround doesn’t offer any discount coupons for their Reseller Hosting Plans. Below is a special offer when you sign up as a new user.

SiteGround Dedicated Server Hosting

SiteGround doesn’t offer any discount coupons for their Dedicated Server Plans. Below is a special offer when you sign up as a new user.

History of SiteGround

SiteGround has an awesome reputation. Like Facebook, SiteGround was founded by a group of University friends. This was back in 2004. With a balanced approach to the happiness of both clients and employees, SiteGround is led by the philosophy of “a happy employee will do their best to make the company a success by making sure the clients are happy”.

This approach seems to be working, giving SiteGround the reputation of having the fastest client support out there, which is no mean feat. They currently have over 400 employees. They have data centres across the world in countries like United States, Netherlands and Singapore. They host over half a million Domains from these data centres.

Part of the top 10 web hosting in India club, SiteGround is a very well established company that focuses on offering the best services possible and support its clients as they grow their business. In addition, the SiteGround special offers ensure that even if you are unable to pay for a normal hosting plan (which is quite cheap) you can still get your ideas and content out there. And if you ever run into trouble, there will always be someone to help you out.

How To Buy SiteGround Hosting

You may be thinking; “Where do I sign up?” “How do I join the SiteGround family?” “How do I make the most of these SiteGround discount offers?” Well, below is the step-by-step guide (with screenshots) that explains all!

Step 1: Click on the SiteGround Coupon Code link from above. This will automatically take you to the SiteGround website. Once there, select a web hosting package.

Step 2: Choose the hosting plan you want by clicking on “Get Started.”

Step 3: Once you have selected the plan, you need to choose a Domain Name. Click on ‘Register a new Domain’ or select ‘I already have a Domain.’ Enter the Domain name and click on ‘Proceed.’

Step 4: You will be asked to fill in your Account, Personal & Payment information. Next, review your order. Choose a billing period and if you’ve used our ‘SiteGround Special Discount’ link to get here you’ll be able to see the discounted price already. You can also add any extra products to the list. After this, you need to agree to the terms & conditions and click on ‘Pay Now.’

Notable Advantages of SiteGround Hosting

SiteGround is an amazing company to work with. It offers the Linux Hosting in India, WordPress hosting, Cloud hosting and the Reseller Hosting in India option. It has a great long-standing reputation for its services and support. It has data centres around the world making it that much easier for everyone in proximity to these data centres.

But what are some notable advantages of SiteGround Hosting? For this article, we will look at cost and support.


Costs can creep up on you, especially if you are starting off with little capital. One of the best advantages of using hosting plans is that you get to cut costs to a fraction of what they would be if you used your own server. These costs are not only monetary but also time and opportunity costs. Using a SiteGround hosting plan will save you on these costs. Moreover, purchasing a hosting plan during the SiteGround special offer period will help you to enjoy further savings.


The importance of support can often be underestimated. Some people enter the online world with the idea; “my site will be perfect and run perfectly, no matter what software I use altogether.” Or, with little to no knowledge of the nuts and bolts behind how things work on a website.

This is where SiteGround comes out miles ahead of its competitors as it offers a great hosting plan and provides top-notch customer support that is both fast & efficient. Customer support is one of the essential web hosting features and when you run into trouble with your site, or in the unlikely event of the server going down, you will always have a technician at hand to help get your website up and running.

The cost saving and support that one gets when using SiteGround are great advantages to the added savings from using the SiteGround Coupon codes or special offers.

SiteGround Billing and Other FAQs

Which hosting plan should I choose?

Although this might be one of the more difficult questions to consider as a complete beginner, it is really not all that difficult. To start off, all you have to ask yourself is what type of website you’d like to build. Answering this will determine what type of hosting package you can choose. The lowest or cheapest package would be appropriate for when you want to create a small website for your business or even just a personal blog with not too much traffic. As your site grows in traffic you can upgrade.

Can I choose Month-to-month billing?

Unfortunately, you cannot. On your first registration for an account, you will have the opportunity to sign up for a month. However, this is only for a trial period, so you can see if you like the plan. After the month is through, if you have not cancelled your account, your subscription will be automatically renewed for an annual billing cycle. This is because SiteGround does not offer a monthly billing cycle.

What other Billing Cycles does SiteGround offer?

Should you not want to use the annual billing cycle, you can decide among the quarterly (paying every three months), annually, every 24 months and every 36 months for your billing period.

Is Domain Registration Free?

Unfortunately, you can no longer get free Domain registration when you order and purchase your hosting plan. SiteGround no longer offers this service. You can still purchase Domain registration with them for an added fee.

What Types of Payment does SiteGround accept?

SiteGround accepts payments via Visa or Mastercard credit cards only.

Can I use Paypal to purchase a SiteGround hosting plan?

Unfortunately not. SiteGround doesn’t accept PayPal as a payment method. Payments can be made using Visa or Mastercard credit cards only.

Is there a Money-back guarantee?

Yes, they have a money-back guarantee. You will have a 30-day money back guarantee for Shared hosting plans. It is important to note that this guarantee only covers the hosting fees. Any other fees such as Domain registration and other added fees are not covered.

Also, this guarantee does not apply to renewals of old accounts. The process for getting your refund is that you have to first cancel your account before the automatic renewal process takes effect. If you cancel after this happens you will not get back your refund.

You should also note that there may be cancellation fees involved. Thus, you may get less money out than your original payment. But SiteGrounds’s terms of service make sure to note that any cancellation fees will never be more than what you initially paid for.

Will my price go up when my hosting plan renews?

Yes, your price will go up when your hosting plan renews. The SiteGround Coupon Codes only apply to the first invoice. So when your hosting plan is renewed automatically, the rate you will be charged at will be the regular rate.

For the best savings, you would want to look at the longest billing cycle when you sign up for your plan, thus ensuring you can enjoy the maximum benefits of the SiteGround Special hosting Discount/offers. SiteGround offers a 36-month billing cycle as its longest billing cycle.

What is Domain Privacy?

In the last decade or so, identity theft has escalated to such measures that it has become a thing of paramount importance to protect the privacy of your Domains. Thus, Domain Privacy is an alternative offered whenever purchasing a new Domain.

Whenever you purchase a new Domain name, there is a host of questions related to your identity that is asked of you and then publicly listed. The information gathered from you includes basic things like your name, address, email address and your phone number. ICANN, which is the controlling body for Domain registration, lists these details in the Whois directory which is online.

What this means is that anyone can freely roam over all your private data and can thus, easily steal your identity. They can also spam your websites as well as commit all kinds of cyber nonsense, all to your detriment. The only way to combat this is to get Domain privacy. Domain privacy helps keep all your information private and away from prying eyes. SiteGround also offers Domain privacy as a service at a monthly fee.

What is SiteGround’s Premium Support?

All hosting companies offer support services with their services. At SiteGround, the customer services on offer are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. So you will always be able to get support. They are able to keep the order of support requests using a support ticket system.

SiteGround is already known for having very fast and efficient support for all its clients. So why pay for premium support? Well, when you purchase the premium support your tickets will enjoy a higher priority. Furthermore, there is a promise that your issues will be resolved more quickly.

This is, of course, offered at an additional monthly fee. You will also see that the interface is different for support. With premium, you will be able to file tickets faster as you will not have to categorise your support ticket before filing it. Depending on your support needs this may be an option for you.

Should I purchase SiteGround’s basic Backup service?

First and foremost it is important to note that with SiteGround, all customer data is backed up on a daily basis, meaning if and when a catastrophe occurs you can have all your latest data at your fingertips. They make the latest copy available for you as a plan customer.

Now should you choose to go the SiteGround basic backup service route, you’ll now have access to the last 30 days of backups. This means you will have 30 restore points for you to choose from, thus making it easier to pinpoint where and when the problem occurred.

There are other options on the market from third parties. Some of these are free to use depending on what kind of site you have and the software in use. Some even have the added benefit of being able to separate the backup from the hosting plan and keep it off-site. These are all good but they do not outdo SiteGround’s convenience and ease of use.

What is SiteGround’s HackAlert Monitoring?

It is a generally known fact that Shared hosting can leave websites vulnerable to malware and hacking. This is why SiteGround offers the HackAlert Monitoring service. This is a service that is from a third party. It is a cloud-based software. You can get this service for an additional monthly fee. The software performs a daily scan of up to 10 random pages on your website. This scan is to look for malware. Should there be any suspicious code, you will get an immediate email warning you of the possibility of a problem.