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ResellerClub Vs HostingRaja – Which Hosting Company to Choose?

It is difficult to sustain in the web space without a professional website. You have all the resources to make a free website today, but you won’t be able to customize your site with it.

Best web hosting companies India not only help you to customize your site but also provide easy access to free tools and plugins. You’ll be able to integrate with different CMS platforms to make your site look more authentic.

Hosting companies provide several web hosting plans according to your need. They also offer expansion and migration options as your business grows, so you’ll be able to upgrade your hosting as and when you need it.

If you still haven’t decided on which hosting company to choose, then here is a quick ResellerClub Vs HostingRaja review for you.

Which Hosting Company to Choose – ResellerClub or HostingRaja?

Getting your business online is not a difficult task anymore. With affordable hosting and website building options, you can create a site in minutes. However, care needs to be taken when picking the right platform and hosting solution. We have written a series of hosting review posts such as Namecheap vs GoDaddy and BigRock vs HostGator review that will help you make the right choice. Thus, here is another hosting review – ResellerClub vs HostingRaja – for your consideration.

1. ResellerClub vs HostingRaja – General Overview

General Overview of ResellerClub

Founded in the year 2003, ResellerClub is a popular name in web hosting and offers reliable & affordable hosting solutions. It is well-designed to provide hosting solutions to SMEs and professionals and lets you integrate with other well-known CMS platforms & sites.

It upgrades its interface periodically, so you’ll get to experience the best features and services from the company. It offers high efficiency in plans, so you can be sure of the excellent outcome. Plus, its performance is amazing, and the range of products it offers is comprehensive. Read this ResellerClub hosting review for more information.

General Overview of HostingRaja

Founded in the year 2007, HostingRaja provides fast & reliable web hosting solutions with optimized services and web hosting features. The fast and secure server response of the hosting companies helps to scale a website better.

The web hosting packages offered by HostingRaja support all kinds of platforms like Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress. It also provides additional storage for servers along with HostingRaja coupons.

2. ResellerClub Vs HostingRaja - Types of Hosting

Types of Hosting Offered by ResellerClub

ResellerClub offers a range of hosting plans with integrated features. It offers Reseller hosting with special VPS hosting. It offers Shared hosting with Dedicated server hosting. Shared hosting plans are ideal for small business owners.

The company offers Email hosting with Cloud hosting. With its CMS hosting feature, you'll be able to add new plugins and features on your website. It also offers special Drupal and Joomla hosting and a website builder option that lets you build your site your way.
To buy hosting, make use of the ResellerClub coupons and get a massive discount today!

Types of Hosting Offered by HostingRaja

HostingRaja offers a plan for every business. It offers special Windows plans that are secured and fast. It offers VPS hosting with Cloud server hosting. The company offers cheap hosting plans that start with a basic price, which is great for small start-ups.

It offers Dedicated hosting with Windows VPS hosting. It offers special WordPress hosting plans with added features. HostingRaja offers a unique Kubernetes hosting that helps to scale up to 1 million page views, which is a good plan for business expansion purposes. It also offers domain registration feature.

Verdict: Both the companies offer good hosting plans, but ResellerClub offers hosting plans according to business needs, so it wins here.

3. ResellerClub Vs HostingRaja – Hosting Features Offered

Hosting Features Offered by ResellerClub

The hosting company offers unlimited disk space and bandwidth on most plans. It offers a choice of servers and complete cPanel control. It also offers a Plesk control panel with SSH access.

It offers unlimited email options with Reseller plans. It offers a softaculous installer that lets you install many applications at a single click. You’ll be able to install more than 400 applications with the installer. It offers high-performance CDN and network security support.

The hosting company provides seamless upgrades on most hosting plans. The features are performance-optimized, and it also lets you transfer your websites from the current host. It lets you integrate with WordPress, Drupal, and other additional software. The plans support MySQL and PHPMyAdmin. It also offers effortless management support along with unmatched server speed.

ResellerClub hosting provides up to 99.9% of uptime guarantee. With a good uptime guarantee, your site can attract more visitors. Most plans of the company also offer daily backup support, so you don’t have to worry about manual backups, and it lets you restore your site to previous settings.

Hosting Features Offered by HostingRaja

HostingRaja offers unlimited sub-domain support and data transfers. It offers cPanel support with free websites. It offers unlimited FTP accounts with emails. It offers a VPS control panel that optimizes the performance of your website.

It supports many languages like Python and Flask. You’ll also be able to optimize your site using the cache-basic servers. The hosting company offers compression features with static content. With easy WordPress integration, you’ll be able to create a WordPress website at a single click.

It supports Linux and Windows platform as well. HostingRaja offers an uptime guarantee of more than 99.9% on plans. If a website has more downtime then uptime in the web space, it is surely a turn-off for most visitors.

The company offers an inbuilt admin panel support along with an inbuilt apache tomcat server. It uses SSD servers with the best database performance. With the website builder tools, you’ll be able to customize your site based on your business requirements. It also offers dedicated features that can scale your site.

Verdict: ResellerClub offers a wide range of features that can also be customized so it wins here.

4. ResellerClub vs HostingRaja - Security Features Offered

Security Features Offered by ResellerClub

ResellerClub offers comprehensive security for applications and websites. It offers automatic malware scan & removal and a complete network security scan so that your website remains safe.

It offers trust seal support with FTP scanning. It offers file change monitoring along with scans for various web apps and SQL. It offers a TrueShield WAF that blocks harmful traffic. The hosting company also offers an email anti-spam scan.

Security Features Offered by HostingRaja

HostingRaja offers end-to-end security features with most hosting plans. It offers a real-time inspection malware scan, which will protect your website from potential malware attacks. It also offers a special vulnerability check for your site.

The hosting company offers SSL certificates, so you'll be able to secure your website in a better way. The company offers WordPress security updates that keep your WordPress site secured if you have integrated it with the hosting company.

Verdict: ResellerClub offers better security coverage, so it is a clear winner here.

5. ResellerClub vs HostingRaja – Customer Support

ResellerClub Customer Support

ResellerClub offers email, chat, and phone support. With the 24/7 live chat feature; you’ll be able to get an instant fix for your website related query. You’ll get access to billing assistance from the tech team. The hosting company also offers a separate blog that’ll help you with your website-related issues. The company offers a complete proactive support model.

HostingRaja Customer Support

The customer support of the HostingRaja company is quite reliable. It offers 24/7 phone, email, and chat support. The live chat feature is handy if you are stuck with anything related to the working of your site. It offers a unique ticketing system that solves your query in no time. You’ll be able to chat with experts to know more about how you can scale your website better in the web space.

Verdict: Both the companies offer great customer and tech support, so both are winners here.

6. ResellerClub Vs HostingRaja - Payment Options

ResellerClub Payment Options

ResellerClub offers secured and multiple payment options. It accepts all forms of payments that include major credit and debit cards. It accept all forms of net banking & online payments, and it also accepts payments via PayPal.

HostingRaja Payment Options

HostingRaja accepts major credit & debit cards including MasterCard and Visa. It also accepts PayPal and other offline modes of payment. Online payment made from your account is safe and secured.

Verdict: ResellerClub accepts all the major payment modes, so its a clear winner here.

7. ResellerClub Vs HostingRaja – Money-back Guarantee

ResellerClub Money-back Guarantee

The hosting company offers a 30 days money-back guarantee on shared and VPS hosting plans. There is no money-back guarantee on dedicated server plans. Also, the terms may change depending on your plans. Read here to know more.

HostingRaja Money-back Guarantee

The company offers a 30 days money-back guarantee on most plans. It also offers a special 14 days money-back guarantee for new customers on other standard plans. Click here for more information.

Verdict: ResellerClub offers better terms in the money-back guarantee, so it wins here.

To sum up

ResellerClub hosting is ideal for mid-size businesses and large businesses. The plans are comprehensive and the service is simply amazing.

HostingRaja hosting is ideal for start-ups or new business websites. You'll be able to choose from the most affordable plans that'll help to scale your site in the web space.

In HostingRaja vs ResellerClub review, ResellerClub seems to be the winner as it offers reliable and competent hosting solutions. The plans offered by the hosting company suits every business needs.

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