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How To Select A Name For Your Personal Email Address

Moving on from our previous blog post the How to Make a Website, let’s now take a took on the importance of having a professional email address either for business or personal use.

Most of us created our email address during our teenage years. Either for playing games or to sign up into a particular community, an email ID was necessary and so we made one. However, not much thought went into creating email addresses back then.

Our first try at creating an email address was by using our name. However, if you were successful, then you are one of the lucky ones. Most us always ended up with “this username is already taken” message. And so we had to get creative, ultimately ending up with a mailing ID that reads – yoyocoolguy(at)example(dot)com. Now sure, this does get the job done. However, is this something you wish to share with your colleagues and peers?

You are not a teenager anymore going to high school; you have entered the professional world, and you have to keep up a demeanor that should also be professional. Yes, even your personal email address should have a level of sophistication and maturity.

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How To Select A Name For Your Personal Email Address?

If you are still not convinced that a personal email address can be beneficial for you and your business, then you ought to read this article. A personal email address is an excellent branding tool. It ensures that an email sent by you is not marked as spam. More importantly, it helps give a good first impression. Thus, having a personal email is a must, and the following post will show you exactly how to select a name for your personal email address. Read on!

A. What Are The Benefits of Professional Email Names?

So why should you be creating a professional email address for yourself? Well, consider this. Do you wish a potential job recruiter to receive an application from “yoyocoolguy.” So there’s this aspect of unprofessionalism. Furthermore, there is also the possibility of mistyping your unconventionally complicated email ID. Let’s take a brief look into the different levels of benefits you can have from a professional email.

1. Reduces The Likelihood Of Being Marked As Spam

Did you know that spam and malware filters that are integrated into our email services can move an email into the junk/spam folder if it detects there is something suspicious about the email name?

So if it is your first time sending an email to a person, and you have a “suspicious”, ”spammy” looking email name, then it is likely that your message will get lost in their junk folder.

2. Create A Positive First Impression

Now let’s say you were able to dodge the filtering system of the email service. The recipient has got your mail and is reading it. What would the first thing they would notice? The subject of the mail, and your email name!

Now, no matter how good you write the subject line, if your name looks unprofessional then it is likely the recipient won’t bother opening the mail at all. And even if they do, there will be a level of suspicion. So the moment you make the first contact, you start off with the wrong foot.

3. The Potential for Branding

Now let’s say you have a sophisticated email address that is both professional and doesn’t appear spammy. Good! But why stop until you can make things great! Email addresses are an excellent tool for branding. If your email name mentions the name of your brand or company, then you can expand your online presence. This works even better if the domain name of the email ID is that of your brand.

Weighing in all these factors, it is time to let go of “yoyocoolguy” and create a more professional email name. Now if you need some ideas and tips on how to pick a good email address with a professional appeal, then you have come to the right place.

B. How To Select A Name For Your Personal Email Address

1. Use Different Email Services To Register Your Own Name

Well, the rule of thumb would be to go with your name. However, as we mentioned, there is a very high chance that another user might already be using it. But have you considered using a different email service altogether? Sure, a few different John Smiths might have already registered all sober variations of the name on Gmail. But what about Outlook? Or Yahoo?

Yes, you would be sacrificing the great functionalities and seamless Google Integration that comes with Gmail, but were you actually taking advantage of those functionalities in the first place? If you don’t personally open .doc file attachments through Google Docs, then you probably can live with a different email service.

2. Use Your Own Domain

Once up a time, having a personal domain and a custom domain email was expensive and an indication that the person is a professional. But as of now, if you run a business, then having your own custom domain email is something expected of you.

An email ID with a personal domain name reflecting your brand will prove to be excellent for branding purposes. Furthermore, you will be able to use all the excellent features of your favourite email service. Just set up an email forwarding functionality such that emails coming to your custom domain gets transferred to the email service you often use, and viola. You can check out these Bigrock Coupon if you want to purchase a custom domain email.

3. Some Tips For Selecting Your Email Name

If you have your own custom domain, then we would recommend you create a personal email ID such as – yourfullname(at)domain(dot)com. You can’t go wrong with this. It will be both professional and also help you with branding purposes.

But in case you don’t have a custom domain, then here are some email address ideas and tricks to help you find a good email name. Let’s say your name is John Smith. Then, here are all viable email address examples which can be used to create a professional email address.

  • JohnSmith
  • SJohn
  • JSmith

And all possible variations by using “_”,”.”, and ”-” as separators between your name and surname. Also, remember to pick a name that isn’t easy to forget and can’t be mistakenly mistyped.

But always remember not to include childish suffix or prefix to your name as coolguy, smartguy, sweet, pretty and so on. Also, the email name should only consist of your name and not that of your sweethearts or spouse.

In Conclusion

As you can see, a simple and professional email ID can be extremely beneficial. We have covered all aspects regarding how to create a professional email and why you should create one. If your current email ID seems a bit too childish or spammy, then it is high time to change it.

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