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23 Online Business Ideas That (Make Money) In 2021

In modern day business processes, it is almost unheard of for a business to not have some sort of online presence. This can be anything from having a full-fledged website to having a dedicated blog or just having social media accounts. This has made the arena for online business quite competitive, and it can be very difficult for those just starting their online journey. In fact, it can be difficult just generating online business ideas.

Blogs are usually the first port of call when people think about starting a business online. But, if blogs are not quite your kind of online business, there are other areas to try that can be just as, if not, more profitable. These are very diverse and would be able to suit anyone from any walk of life.

Thus, to help you along we will be looking at 23 online small business ideas for you to use to start your online business. You can sift through them and see which would be the best online business for you. And once you’ve select a niche, you can check out this beginners guide on how to make a website.

Which Are The Best Online Business Ideas That Make Money?

While the online marketplace is quite competitive, it is still a lucrative avenue for those who want to make money. There are many best online business ideas for beginners. However, to make an idea a success, you need to pick and choose a business idea for which you have an aptitude for. Thus, check out these top online business ideas that make money; pick one, and get started with it right away!

Best Online Business Ideas For Beginners That Make Money

1. Travel Blogger

One of the great business ideas to start with is to be a Travel blogger. Travel blogging has evolved tremendously due to sites such as Airbnb and Couch-surfing. In the beginning, the draw to travel bloggers was that they could tell you where you could go and where you can find the best deals. They also gave excellent recommendations on accommodation.

The current trick, however, is to use your travel blog credentials and partner up with some other travel companies, so that when you write content about them and they get business, you can have some of the commission. Check out this how to start a travel blog guide for more inspiration.

2. Online Store Owner

There hasn't been a time in history when the world was as connected as it is now. The internet has opened up the world, for merchants and those in sales. You are able to buy, sell and market to the entire world if you so choose. This means that you can generate sales easily and the more sales the more profit for you. An online store, though a relatively a new business idea, is an excellent online business to start. Plus, thanks to eCommerce hosting in India, it has also become a cost-effective solution than brick-and-mortar business.

However, if you don’t have the required budget to go this route then you can join the many Affiliate marketing programs out there like the Amazon Affiliate program, wherein, you need to promote their products on your blog/website, which will earn you a fixed commission on each sale. Best part, this is easier than starting your very own online store and you need not worry about setting up payment getaways, shipping, delivery etc. Check out this guide to know how to start an Amazon Affiliate site in India.

3. Selling Domains and Hosting

One of the best businesses to start your online journey with, Domains are like property. A good domain can be equivalent to a good property. As such, some people buy and sell them the same way that people flip property. This basically means that you buy a domain cheap and then sell it at a much higher price.

The trick is in knowing which domains are in demand. This will mean that you have to learn or know trend spotting, in order to make sure you can choose the “winning” domains. Best part, hosting & domain provider like Bigrock offer you the option to register bulk domains names at a reasonable price. Plus, they also offer BigRock domain coupons for additional discounts.

Likewise, you can also purchase web hosting and resell the resources allocated to you under your own banner. Read this ultimate Reseller hosting guide to know more about this type of hosting. Also, as in the case of domain name, if you purchase Reseller hosting from BigRock then you can avail huge discounts through the use of BigRock coupon.

4. Website Designer and Developer

In the list of best online business ideas, you can rarely if ever leave out the website designer and developer. The world is moving online and this has opened up a huge market for people who can design and code websites. This is one of the best online businesses to start.

Just remember that to start with this business idea, you require the necessary technical skills. In addition, you always have to stay on your toes because this field is forever evolving, brimming with new technology and innovation that you need to know about if you want to keep your place in the market.

5. SEO Consultant

Search engine optimization is still a big thing right now. Gone are the days when you could pack your website or documents full of keywords with no regard for content and have your content on the top of search engine result pages.

Search engines, today, use more sophisticated algorithms that spot keyword stuffing. So what does that mean for ordinary Joe trying to start an online business? He needs someone to help him navigate the world of SEO.

Enter the SEO Consultant to help. This internet business idea is based on you being able to strategize means, to make your clients’ website show up among the first in search engine results via keyword research, link building and other SEO techniques. These are skills you can easily learn and market.

6. Interior Design Consultant

You would be amazed at what you can do with a 360 camera and basic draughting software. This combination has made it possible for interior designers to work remotely without ever having to step into the house they are designing. So if you have an eye for design and know your way around a computer then this is the best business idea and you are well on your way to marketing your services to those looking to renovate their house.

7. Content Provider

There is always a market for new content. Bloggers and digital marketers are forever on the lookout for new talent that’ll help them curb silly blogging mistakes. Best part, as an at home business idea this can be a great choice. If you are a great writer then you can offer your services to others and can be paid for the same.

But, you have to have something in place to prove your writing skills. Start working on your portfolio. Join a community, and see whether you can get on as a guest blogger on other sites. As you improve your standing in the market, the greater your pay-check will be at the end.

8. Online Boutique Store For Clothes

Another entrepreneurship idea that has gained a lot of traction, like the online store, an online boutique offers the same kind of benefits. The setup only includes having an eCommerce site and then having products to sell.

After that, all you have to do is market your clothes. An eye for fashion is definitely a plus. But, you can always outsource your fashion buying to someone else, whilst you deal with the business side of things.

Also, with affordable eCommerce website hosting packages, you can get your site up and running in no time. Few best web hosting companies in India that offer eCommerce hosting apart from BigRock is GoDaddy and HostGator India. You can read the below comparison reviews, to learn more about each.

9. Ghost Writing

If you are a creative writer but have not quite gotten your name out there, you can offer your writing services to others as a Ghostwriter. Ghost-writing means that you would finish or write a book or article for someone and they would pay you. Your target market would be busy writers who do not have the time to finish books which are due.

10. 3D Printing Services

By far the most unique business idea on this list, 3D printers are very popular and are a growing technology. People haven’t even scratched the surface yet when it comes to the potential benefits and uses of 3D printing. There aren’t that many people out there who have a 3D printer at home. Thus, there is a gap in the market for you to exploit. If you start this you can easily satisfy the need. Given its potential and that it is a relatively new field, it is one of the best online businesses out there in 2019.

11. Proofreader

Do you have an excellent grasp of English or a language in high demand such as French or German? Then as one of the easy online business, you can try your hand at proofreading. The world is exploding with people putting out content. You can literally choose your area of expertise. Are you very good at academic papers? Then you can look into proofreading academic articles and papers. On the other hand, if you are more into creative writing, you can be a proofreader for someone’s book or novel.

12. App Creator

Listed amongst the top 10 small business ideas for starting your very own online business, Apps and smartphones go hand-in-hand. Right now there are thousands of people out there creating and developing apps. But how do you get into the game? App downloads run-up to the billions and they are only growing in popularity. Everyone wants to build an app. Everyone has the million dollar app idea. If you are able to write code for apps you will have your pick of projects. Being an on-demand app creator will give you enough freedom and ability to set your own price.

13. Video Editing Provider

The internet is full of cats. Cat videos are not the only videos that need editing. Videos are fast becoming the preferred method of communication, with the lion’s share of traffic in video format. Check out this video marketing statistics to know more about this niche. Thus, if you have video editing skills then you have the perfect start to a successful online business as there is such a high demand for well-edited videos.

14. Tax Preparer

Very few people like doing their taxes. It can be long boring and tedious work. This is why so many people are more than willing to get someone else to prepare their taxes for them. This is a niche in and of itself. This is a business where you can easily charge 100 dollars an hour. However, it all depends on your level of expertise.

15. College Consultant

The internet has given us access to a wealth of knowledge, but it has also made it a little difficult to do activities which were quite easy to do. A field which has had this happen to is the education industry. Not only have the possibilities for places increased but also the amount of paperwork that needs to be waded through. As a college consultant, you can do this for prospective students. You can also look at the best means to keep their debt for education low, thus, making this a good business to start you online sojourn.

16. Internet Researcher

There is always a need to know more. Whether you are a student, business person or just plain old curious there will always be a question to answer. The problem is you may not have the time or the research skills needed to find the answers you seek. So what is the solution?

The solution is one of the best internet business ideas out there. Internet research is when you pay people to do your research for you. This is a service that is out there already but there aren’t many players on the market. If you are setting up the business then all you need is a good laptop, WiFi, and occasionally a temporary skeleton staff member to help do the research, and voila, you’re in business.

17. E-Rental

This is a great creative business idea if you have resources and assets. A site like Airbnb showed us that people are always willing to rent for a little luxury. Vehicles, houses, suits, whatever you think would be in demand, you can rent these out online. However, know that a lot of the work will be keeping track and maintaining the items you put up for rent.

18. Online School

As we stated earlier the education field has been rocked by the rise of the internet. At no point in time, was education so easily accessible by so many people. That is why opening an online school is one of the best online businesses to start.

If you have the skills and the qualifications to teach, then you merely have to build the website and attract teachers interested in the same subject to you. There are different business models out there for online schools. Some with teachers working independently, teaching what they like with no accountability to the original owner of the online school. Some have set content that must be taught by all teachers. The model you choose will be based on your needs.

19. Virtual Assistant

One of the easiest businesses to start is a virtual assistant business. You would work remotely making appointments, phone calls and sending emails, for people who have too busy a schedule to do these themselves. You could do this as a freelance coupled with freelance writing. However, note that this online business idea will require excellent planning and time management. No boss would be happy if they miss an appointment because you forgot to book it.

20. E-Books Sales

This is an internet business idea that has revolutionized the way we read books. When e-books started gaining traction many thought they were a passing fad and that people would always want real books. This has been proven to be quite wrong, and the e-book sales market is growing each day. There are also so many niche markets, that you can position yourself perfectly for your niche. E-books are a great way to get a passive income and they keep generating sales for as long as the information is valid. Read this eBook marketing guide to know more about how to effectively market your eBook once created.

21. Dating Websites

People use dating sites for many reasons. Some use them to find love, while others use them to find lust.

Either way, people are just out to find a connection. You can use this knowledge by creating a dating site for a specific niche. Be it straight, gay, Christians, Scientologists or farmers. You just have to pick a niche. You would be able to get income from membership fees, as well as any extra material you may put out, like a “how to find love” DVD or an e-book.

22. Online Sport Betting

Do you love sport? Well, then you can take part in the age-old pastime of betting on winners and losers in sports matches and games. You can be the organizer of these bets and rake in the money. The internet has made connections so easy that you will have a worldwide audience to use your betting site/ software or app.

23. Transcription Services

If you have a good ear and have a good typing speed, then you can open up a transcription service. People would send you videos or audio from lectures, TV shows, movies, etc and you would write down word for word what is being said. You would charge for this service, and use these to put in subtitles on the audio or video. If you are able to speak another language you can add on translation services onto the transcription services and be able to charge more.


The hybrid between brick and mortar businesses and online businesses has changed quickly and has now gone totally online. This is a far cry from the businesses of old. However, it is progress and we have to adapt. This is very true of business people in the modern business age. They have to keep adapting to the change in business environments.

This constant change may be seen as a problem but it is, in fact, a host of opportunities just waiting to be exploited by those who can. Internet business ideas are the most prevalent opportunities out there. However, they can be difficult to find. This is why we have compiled a list of 23 online business ideas that make money in 2019. These will give you ideas for online businesses. It is up to you to go out there and use them to make your online business a success.

Lastly, once you have selected your preferred online business, to get started you would require hosting. Read this BigRock review to know why BigRock is one of the top web hosting companies in India. And if you decide to buy hosting from BigRock then, as usual, don’t forget to make use of the BigRock coupons available on our website.

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