InMotion Review

InMotion Review

Last modified: May 17th, 2021

InMotion Hosting, maybe you’ve heard about them, maybe you haven’t. Either way, they’re one of the biggies when it comes to offering the best web hosting India. They’ve been around since 2001 and have built themselves a nice client list of over 300,000 domains. They operate two data centers – one is in Los Angeles and the other in Virginia Beach. They also own another web hosting company called WebHosting Hub.

They offer Shared hosting, WordPress hosting, Reseller hosting, Dedicated Servers and Virtual Private Servers (VPS’s). They have tools available as part of their packages should you want to set up an eCommerce shop. However, they do not have Windows Servers, which can be a bit of a drawback for those with ASP.NET or needs a Windows server.

If you’re looking for a web host that offers you the ability to create beautiful personal and professional websites at an economical price, you might want to take a look at them. So, let’s dive right in and see what they offer us in this InMotion Hosting Review.

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Top InMotion Hosting Plans For 2021

Looking For Superfast Shared Hosting?

SiteGround has also palmed in a positive point by being one of the few hosting companies recommended by SiteGround’s hosting plans have a focus on WordPress specific features, to cater for the host of people that build their websites on this popular platform.

They are considered one of the fastest and most secure web hosting companies around and since security is a great deal to any business or individual dealing with the internet, we’ve decided to write this comprehensive SiteGround review to highlight the main benefits and features that they provide.

Explore InMotion Web Hosting Plans & Features

InMotion Hosting Reviews – Features

There are no hosting companies that are perfect. Each company has its Pros and its Cons. It all depends on our preferences anyway. What do we want to accomplish with our website? How much do we have at our disposal? etc. Nevertheless, here are few benefits you can avail on purchase from InMotion Hosting.

Uptime and Performance

The primary reason you seek the services of a web host is so that you have them securely store your web files on their servers. They should then make sure that your files are available to whoever seeks them, as fast as possible. Thus, before you settle for a web host, you should test out their hosting performance.

For this reason, we’ve researched about InMotion’s uptime (this means, how often they serve your web files, whenever someone needs them), and found that they have an industry standard uptime of about 99.99%. InMotion uses SSD drives instead of the normal spin-tape hard drives, which has enhanced their uptime.

Another point that adds positives to them is the fact that they do not overbook their servers. Many other Shared hosting companies will fill-up their servers over 100% of their capacity with websites. Although this is a silly thing to do, they do it nonetheless, and in the meantime, they just hope that traffic spikes do not occur at the same time.

Data Backups Are Free

Not many hosting providers offer data backups and some of those that do, charge for it. Now, it’s a must for you to backup your data frequently. Servers are always going down, unnecessary mistakes might wipe your data clean or even worse, hackers might target your site and gain access. Therefore, you need backup. Period.

InMotion backs up your account. Well, nothing to write home about, but the nice thing is that they do it for Free. Just as a point of comparison, HostGator also does backups, for free, every week. However, they will charge $19 for you to retrieve that backup.

Where InMotion also differs is that they do not put limits on their data backups. Some hosting companies have caps on how much you may backup per month. Just as a side-note, always do your own backups with plugins like BackUpWordPress as well as back them up through your hosting provider. You can never be sure and it’s better to be safe than sorry.


InMotion has a couple of security measures put in place for their customers. These include remote backup of your account if it is under 20GB in size. If you run a WordPress website, then you can download the free plugin Sucuri Security, which will scan your site for malware, viruses and other risks. For the security of your email accounts, there is an upgrade of $1.39 per month, which includes McAfee. SSL certificates are also available for purchase and they include a dedicated IP address.

eCommerce Options

InMotion offers a lot of eCommerce solutions. This is for when you want to set up a shop on your website. You are able to setup an eCommerce shop on an e-shop page. This is done through the Premium Web Builder. Read this guide to know the common eCommerce launching mistakes to avoid.

However, the payment options on this setup would be limited, only including payments through credit card, PayPal and Google Wallet. There is the option to download OpenCart which is free. This will give you a hardier online store. Prestashop is also another free cart software you could give a try.

Pricing Structure

You have to sign up for a full year, as there are no monthly payment options like HostGator. Although they do offer a money-back guarantee, it might leave a hole in your pocket, especially, if you are not intending to go a full year with them. What if you decide that after 4 months you don’t want to host with them. Are they going to refund the other 8 months? No. Refunds are only valid for 3 months. Like most other web hosts, signing up for a year affords you a bit of a discount, but it’s not as if you have another choice.

Money Back Guarantee

InMotion Hosting offers you a 90-day money-back guarantee. Most hosting companies offer you 30 or 45 days maximum. It’s nice to know companies offer a money-back guarantee, especially, if they don’t have a month-to-month plan and you have to pay for a year in advance. Apart from that, you also get quite a bit of free stuff like InMotion Coupons, Google Ads credits amongst others.

Control Panel

As a newbie to hosting companies, it can be daunting to figure out all the ways to get to where you need to go. On the other hand, hosting providers must be able to create a balance between a backend that isn’t going to overwhelm first-time users, but is flexible enough for users so that they feel comfortable to explore more. The best way to deal with this, according to me, is to use cPanel for the backend, and Softaculous for your one-click installs. This approach is easy as there are tons of tutorials.

What InMotion does differently from many other hosts, is that it puts cPanel within your account management dashboard. Now, you don’t have to login differently for both cPanel and your account. You use just one set of login details and you’re good to go. Having this type of setup also allows you to have many upgrade options available to you immediately. Should your site expand to such an extent that you need upgrading, all you need to do is consider upgrading to a VPS or a Dedicated Server.

Customer Service

InMotion has the reputation of putting their customers in the forefront. They pride themselves on having phone, email, chat and ticketing support, all based in the USA. If you’ve ever run a website, then you understand that apart from making sure your products are accessible, you’ve got to ensure that your customers are taken care of.

Once a business starts to generate a lot of money and things get quite busy, normally the first thing that flies out the window is customer support. So, having said that, when deciding to judge a hosting company’s customer support take into consideration that your bad experience might be someone else’s good experience.

It’s therefore hard to gauge whether customer support is all that bad or any good at all. So far, InMotion Hosting seems to have their stuff together. The reps seem to be knowledgeable about what they’re talking about. They don’t give you the impression that they’re reading off a script when helping you.

InMotion also have a lot of material to try and help you. Reading the comments will give you an idea of how to resolve your problem as other questions answer that you also need answers for. The reps are also frequently answering questions in the comment section.

Reading through their knowledge-base is also a great help. What I like about this sort of troubleshooting is that you don’t have to wait for someone to come back to you, as the answers are right there to sift through.

Another good thing about InMotion Hosting is that they try to keep all channels open. Meaning that no matter what avenue you take for support, they’re all available to help you. Their email sequence to you is customized to fit what you’ve signed up for. For instance, if you’ve signed up for a WordPress plan, you’ll get WordPress related emails.

InMotion Shared Business Hosting Review

For new businesses or newbie bloggers, Shared hosting is an ideal web hosting plan. Shared hosting plans are the most affordable plans in the hosting hierarchy and they provide you with all the essential web hosting features that you need to start off your online venture. InMotion has three Shared hosting plans. Let’s take a look at them.


This the most basic plan priced at $4.19 per month and billed on an annual basis ($50.28 for a year). With this plan, you can have 2 websites and databases, up to six parked domains and unlimited storage, bandwidth, email accounts, spam protection for emails and malware protection.


The next plan starts at $5.39 per month billed on an annual basis. This will cost you $64.68 for a year. You get 6 websites, 50 databases, 26 parked domains and unlimited storage, bandwidth, email accounts, spam protection for emails and malware protection. This plan is also eCommerce ready and once you’ve set-up your online store, you can read this post to know how to increase your eCommerce sales.


The Pro plan currently goes for $8.99 per month billed on an annual basis ($107.88 for a year). With this package, there is no limit to how many websites you can host. Plus, you get unlimited databases, unlimited parked domains, unlimited storage & bandwidth, pro-level support and all other features mentioned in the above 2 plans.

Moreover, with each of these plans, Inmotion also offers Free Domain registration or transfer, Free SSL, $250 Free advertising credits, Free data backups, Free website builder, 90-day money-back guarantee and 24/7 US-based support. You also get a cPanel with all your purchase and Free 1-click installer for over 400+ Free applications like WordPress, Drupal, Drupal, Magneto and others.

InMotion VPS Hosting Review

Ideal for mid-size and large businesses, purchase VPS hosting if you need a dedicated space and resources for your business on the server. VPS hosting provided by InMotion comes with Free cPanel & WHM, full server configuration backup, enhance security and a cloud powered infrastructure. The VPS Hosting servers all utilize solid-state drives, which perform up to 20x faster than standard hard drives and come in 3 packages, as mentioned below.

The VPS-1000HA-S

This package comes at $19.99 per month with 4GB RAM, 75GB storage, 4TB bandwidth and 3 IP addresses.

The VPS-2000HA-S

The second package comes at $34.99 per month with 6GB RAM, 150GB storage, 5TB bandwidth and 4 IP addresses.

The VPS-3000HA-S

This package comes at $44.99 per month with 8GB RAM, 260GB storage, 6TB bandwidth and 5 IP addresses.

Along with each of all these plans, you get Free SSL Certificate, unlimited domains & websites and Free data backup and restore options. Plus, you get services like Free website migration, Free Domain, 90-day money-back guarantee and more.

InMotion Dedicated Servers Review

InMotion Hosting’s Dedicated Servers can be configured to the way you want them. They offer single and dual processors with free SSD’s. Servers are hosted in Los Angeles, California. They come pre-installed with LAMP stack and include both cPanel and WHM for free. You also get Free SSL and Free Setup with all plans. In addition to, Free Launch Assist and built-in server monitoring and analytics. InMotion Hosting offers 6 Dedicated Server plans, let’s take a look at each of them in brief below.

Essential Plan

This package at $105.69 per month comes with 8GB RAM, a choice of 500GB SSD and 1TB HDD, 6TB Bandwidth as well as 5 IP addresses.

Advanced Plan

This package at $166.59 per month includes 16GB RAM, a choice of 500GB SSD or 2TB HDD, 10TB Bandwidth and 10 IP addresses.

Elite Plan

This package at $238.99 per month offers you 32GB RAM, 2x500GB SSD or 2x2TB HDD, 10TB Bandwidth and 15 IP addresses.

The above ones are basic InMotion Hosting Dedicated Server plans. While the below are higher Dedicated Server packages.

All these Dedicated Server plans – CC-500, CC-1000, CC-2000, come with mirrored 15TB Bandwidth and 15 dedicated IP addresses. The only difference is that the CC-500 offers 16GB RAM & 2x500GB SSD, the CC-1000 includes 32GB RAM & 2x1TB SSD and CC-2000 has 64GB RAM & 3x1TB SSD.

InMotion Reseller Hosting Review

If you are just starting out in the reselling business then you need to look no further than InMotion Hosting when it comes to your Reseller needs. They offer some the best Reseller hosting plan in the industry with hordes of Freebies added along with an array of unlimited features. You get to choose from 3 different scalable hosting plans, the details of which are as mentioned below.

R-1000S Plan

This a basic plan starting at $13.99 per month and comes with 80GB disk space, 800GB Bandwidth and unlimited domains.

R-2000S Plan

Costing $19.99 per month, this plan comes with 120GB disk space, 1,200GB Bandwidth and unlimited domains.

R-3000S Plan

This plan is priced at $27.49 per month and offers you 160GB disk space, 1,600GB Bandwidth and unlimited domains.

Included in all the above Reseller hosting packages is a Free Domain, Free cPanel & WHM, Free automatic data backups, Free Auto Installer, FREE SSD Drives, unlimited databases, unlimited email accounts, unlimited FTP accounts and a Free Dedicated IP Address. They also offer Free Setup service, 24/7/365 U.S. based support and 90-day money-back guarantee.

InMotion WordPress Hosting Review

InMotion offers WordPress hosting as well. Although their packages cannot be described as managed WordPress hosting, there is an element of that to it. They come pre-installed with WordPress and includes Free daily backups as well as automatic updates. Just to note that the updates do not include updates of your WordPress plugins. Apart from these, they also offer Free Domain and Free WordPress Themes with all their packages. Moreover, they provide 90-days money-back guarantee and 24/7 US-based support.

Launch Plan

This package cost $5.99 per month. With this plan, you can host 2 websites & you get unlimited disk space, monthly transfer and malware protection. This plan is ideal for new WordPress bloggers and supports 6 parked domains & 25 sub-domains.

Power Plan

This package is priced at $7.99 per month. This plan supports 6 websites, 26 parked domains and 100 sub-domains and includes all features that are mentioned in the Launch plan. This plan is preferable for small businesses and bloggers.

PRO Plan

This package starts at $13.99 per month and offers unlimited everything – websites, sub-domains, disk space, monthly transfer etc. Plus, with this plan, you get Pro-level customer support. This plan is well-suited for developers and large enterprises.

In addition, with each of this WordPress optimized hosting package, you get Free data backups, Free website transfer, $250 Free advertising credits, Spam protection, Free SSD, Free website builders, cPanel and much much more.

InMotion Managed Hosting Review

If you are seeking professional assistance to maintain your website, then you should check out the varied features and benefits are the on offer at InMotion Hosting. They are a leader in Managed hosting and offer flexible, low-cost and custom web solutions based on your budget and needs. To provide you with top-notch service, they make use of world-class infrastructure and have hired first-class technical experts who are proficient in their respective niches.

In addition, they offer custom server setups, enhanced security facilities, maximum uptime guarantee and quick & accurate responses on all issues. From setting up Varnish caching and APC to tuning your LAMP environment, managed backup, disaster recovery solutions, round-the-clock monitoring and more, InMotion hosting provides unmatched Managed hosting services at a fix monthly fee, as mentioned below.

InMotion Domain Name Review

Although InMotion Hosting doesn’t have a wide collection of Domain extensions as Bluehost or HostGator, they do have on offer a selection of top-level domain extensions like .com, .us, .biz, .net, .org and .info to choose from. All domain extensions are priced at a standard rate of $14.99 for a year. For an additional $9.99 annually, you can also purchase the Domain Privacy Protection, which enables you to publish a general information on the WHOIS record, instead of your private details. Purchasing a domain privacy protection will keep potential spammers and telemarketers at bay. Plus, it will protect your site from identity thieves.

InMotion Hosting also offers a Free website setup with all domain registrations. So, if you decide to go with InMotion for your domain needs, then it will cost you $24.98 for a year, which includes your preferred domain ($14.99) and 1-year domain privacy ($9.99).

Pros & Cons


  • Their uptime is industry-standard at 99.99%.
  • 90-day money-back guarantee.
  • Unlimited emails on accounts.


  • It has no Windows servers.
  • Requires separate logins for add-ons.


InMotion is a feature-stacked Web hosting service that offers many attractive features, but a few issues like no Windows server, separate logins for add-ons, keep it from being the top dog.

Other web hosting companies that only offer Linux web hosting are SiteGround, iPage and WPEngine. For web hosting comparisons, you can check them out below.

But, if you are looking for a web hosting company that offers Linux hosting as well as Windows hosting, then Bluehost is your best bet. So, read this Bluehost Review for more details.


So, what conclusion have we reached regarding them? InMotion Hosting appears to be a solid, stable web hosting company. They would be a perfect solution for you if you’d like to host only a couple of websites on a secure platform. That is if you’re willing to pay a little more than on other hosting platforms, of course. But then again you’d be assured of great performance and superb support.

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