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A Definitive Guide On How To Use Quora For SEO

Quora has been around since 2009 and is currently one of the top question and answer websites on the internet. What makes this 9-year-old platform more reliable is that unlike Google, Facebook or Twitter, it allows you to get more refined and relevant answers. Quora helps you get your questions answered by real experts or at least people in relevant industries.

Just like Twitter or Facebook promotions, Quora has its own ways to boost your site’s SEO and drive your Content Strategy and as such, here are some ways that you can use Quora for SEO.

But before we begin, here is a quick overview of the Basic Anatomy of Quora’s Question and Answer Community.

How To Use Quora For SEO?

As a Q&A platform, Quora can be an excellent tool that can be used to boosts your site’s SEO. From keyword research and content development to link building and content promotion, there are several ways one can make the best use of Quora to improve their brand’s visibility as well as to drive traffic to their site. What’s more, you can also blog on Quora, which will help further increase your reach. Thus, check out this definitive guide to know more about how to use Quora for SEO.

4 Excellent Ways You Can Use Quora for SEO

1. Quora For Keyword Research

Since people on the internet speak about a topic in everyday language that isn’t filtered by search engines or algorithmic suggestions, Quora has proven to be a goldmine for Keyword Research. Here is an interesting article by Neil Patel on How to Generate Long tail Keywords Using Quora.

You can use specific question and answers threads on Quora to extend your keyword research. You could use the URL of the thread and drop it into the tool you use for your research, say Keyword Planner Tool or Ahrefs Keyword Explorer to get better ideas. You can then add these ideas to your running keyword list to go through the process of judging intent and difficulty and you will end up with a better range of keyword ideas.

For any topic on Quora, you would find a Topic FAQ section and a feed with a list of questions and answers, both of which are great for finding conversion-optimized keywords.

You also need to understand that since Quora has questions asked in the language used by real people and not machines, not all questions contain keywords directly. Most questions actually revolve around a keyword that is implied in the question itself.

For instance, when searching for the best web hosting companies, you can find thousands of keywords on Quora within hours. But, the focus is to extract keywords that would help convert users. Keep in mind that you need to find keywords that target customers in the Decision-stage of the Buyer’s Journey. This is the stage where customers are actively evaluating different solutions before deciding what to buy.

You can either simply scroll through the feed to find questions that might lead to a conversion or find one question and then search through the ones suggested on the side-bar. By using a community-powered Q&A platform such as Quora for SEO, you can uncover long-tail keywords and questions your customers actually care about. Creating content on these keywords can not only bring you website traffic but also help you answer customer queries.

2. Quora For Content Development

A content gap is a gap on your website’s pages where you should have a page but you don’t. The trouble is that a Content Gap is hard to identify because if you knew that it existed then you would have probably already filled it. But since Quora covers so many topics, you can use Quora for content gap analysis and to find interesting data sources while you are in the content development phase. Check out this article to know How To Do A Through Content Gap Analysis.

Using Quora for SEO is helpful in a lot of ways, not only can you find the most relevant keywords but you can also figure out how your entire content piece should look like with Quora.
Look for the best answers on Quora for the content that you are targeting and the question that you are trying to answer with your content piece. Try to identify what are common sources, common formats, and interesting ways of explaining the answers in your content.

Study closely to see what specific areas are addressed, what different sources are used, and what concepts are brought out by different users. You can then use your judgement to decide what answers and concepts you could integrate into your own content.

In addition to looking at the sources, try to look for what the sources care about within the topic. Many topics on Quora are dominated by industry sources. Even though sometimes they are self-promotional, most of the time it’s because they are the most knowledgeable people. You can try to learn more about them so that when you do get in touch and try to work with them you can be as relevant and as useful as possible.

3. Quora For Link Building

No investing ineffective strategies for Linking building is one of the common SEO mistakes that could hamper the growth of your website in the online world and as such, here, too, Quora can help you out.

Apart from having interesting threads on how to promote your content on Quora, like saying this thread that talks about whether promoting content on Quora really works, Quora has really good link building threads. You can use Quora to get more links to your content and create strategies to target and develop it.

  • Complementary Link Building With Quora

Start by using your favourite tools to find links pointing to a Quora answer related to your content piece. The author of the piece might be interested in linking to a more thorough, more properly formatted piece of content, rather than a Quora answer.

Now find the URL that your answer links to for sourcing. If Quora links to a source then that web page will likely have many other links. You can either reach out to that page to try to get links or use that page to find even more relevant pages to get links.

  • Broken Link Building With Quora

Being a Q&A platform, Quora inherently links to a lot of websites and pages and a lot of these links are usually broken. Use your favourite premium Backlink tool, drop in the Quora URL & export broken outgoing links. Once you have a long list of links, you can filter out what’s relevant to you.

Learn more about Link Building with this detailed article by Moz: The Beginner’s Guide To SEO – What is Link Building?

4. Quora For Content Promotion

Quora gives you the opportunity to find and research websites and people who might be interested in promoting your content. Quora helps you filter and pre-qualify your prospects so that you are less likely to spam people and more likely to find the right influencers/Promoters.

The best way to promote your content is by answering questions that you are already addressing through your content. Go through your content and make a list of the main points it covers. Then use the keywords to search for questions related to those points.

Here are some tips while answering on Quora:

  • Try as much to add a conversational tone, subheadings, appropriate links and images in your answers.
  • Keep it interesting, informational and add a CTA at the end.
  • Link your relevant, detailed piece of content in your CTA.
  • Post regularly to increase your credibility and visibility.
>Did You Know That You Can Blog on Quora?
You can also use Quora to answer any questions directly related to your business. Just use the search box to type your name and the results will show you any questions specifically related to your business and any answers that mention you.

Did You Know That You Can Blog on Quora?

Having a blog on Quora lets users check out your content without having to leave the platform. Use the blog to syndicate and re-purpose content you’ve posted on your company blog. Because Quora is a Q&A platform, make sure you turn your headline into a question. At the bottom of each post include a link to where it was originally published just like you would on Medium.


Quora can serve so many different use cases for SEO since it has such descriptive high-quality content. You can also use Quora to expand and refine your SEO and content marketing campaigns now with Quora Advertising.

There is no sure-shot way of using Quora for SEO, but with the right method and time, you can use this community-based Q&A platform into giving you the right kind of exposure, promotion and credibility that you need for your content.

Before you hire just anyone to do the rest of your SEO, you should consider reading up on what SEO is and how it works. Here is a blog post on Simple Ways To Do A Great SEO Site Audit by Pixelmattic. Use these techniques to reach a new, engaged audience, increase your content exposure and generate new leads.

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