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The Ultimate Guide on How to Choose a Domain Name

Believe it or not, but a good Domain Name is a key to making a great website. A good Domain name which has a strong recall value, will not only add credentials to your brand, but it will also help you to turn your business into a successful enterprise.

Now, before we get into the nitty-gritty of domain names and their significance, let’s first understand;

What domain name is?

A Domain Name is like an online identity for your business that consists of a unique name in the form of a URL & IP address. To put it simply, it is the name by which people can locate your web pages on the internet.

Thus, it is important that you do a thorough research on your business nature, purpose and requirements before you finalize and register your Domain Name

In this post, we are going discuss how to choose a Domain Name, what impact a Domain Name has on a brand and how to buy Domain Name on BigRock.

A. 5 Tips to Choosing a Domain Name

While creating a Domain Name, it is critical that you keep these 5 important factors in mind.

#1. Keep Your Domain Name Simple & Short

Don’t be tempted to use a long name!

Instead, create a Domain name that is:
  • Uncomplicated, easy to spell & pronounce.
  • Simple, straightforward and to-the-point.
  • Require less effort to remember and is easy to access.

Remember a long name that can’t be easily recalled, is not going to help you with marketing your product or service to your target audience. Similarly, how you spell your Domain Name is also important.

For example, let’s say you named your Domain as

So, when asked about it, you may correctly pronounce it as, but there are chances that the concerned person may hear it as

And this will affect your business because if this person ever tries to find your business online, he’ll likely end up with a “page not found” error or might get directed to a completely different website.

Plus this blunder will not end here!

There might be many others who might make the same mistake, thereby compromising your traffic. Hence, it is vital that you pay attention to the length of your Domain Name along with how it is spelt.

#2. Check Availability Before Registering To Avoid Trouble

Checking the availability of a Domain Name before registering is also important from a legal perspective.


Because you cannot infringe on an already well-known Domain name. Also, any legal action will affect your Brand Identity. Thus, even if the Domain Name you thought of, suits your business perfectly & can be great from a marketing perspective, you need to change it, if it is already taken.

How do you check for availability?

Visit the Whois website! It will tell you if a Domain Name is already registered.

Just keep in mind that, with thousands of names already in use, creating a domain name or finding the right one can be a challenge. Therefore, it is important that you do a bit of research before registering, to avoid legal ramifications.

#3. Select A Name That Reflects The Service You Offer

The main purpose of a Domain Name is to create a recognizable brand. Thus, creating a Domain name which has no connection to your business or service, will not serve any purpose when it comes to brand building.

So what should you do?
  • Create a Domain Name, that tells your target audience about the service that you offer.
  • Select one that is more recognisable – online as well as off-line.
  • Choose a Domain Name with Branding in mind.

For instance, if you are selling Furniture, then a name like “FurnitureDepot”, will not only tell people about your service, but it will also garner the right kind of attention from potential buyers.

It’s only when you select an appropriate name for your brand, would the chances of your business being successful becomes higher!

#4. Register a .Com Domain

It is crazy, but when you think of a web address, there is a 90% chance that the first one to pop-up in your mind would have a .com extension.

Right, isn’t it?

So what’s the mystery behind the success of a .com Domain?

The answer is simple, high recall value!

Since it is a default extension & most people are accustomed to it, a .com extension is the most popular & in-demand extension globally.

Moreover, a .com extension helps you to:
  • Get instant credibility to your Brand and generates more traffic.
  • Market your product or service, to a wide audience base.
  • Build more trust among potential customers, since this extension rates high in terms of accountability.

Bottom line, if you are able to find a .com extension, based on your Domain name, then you have won half the battle already!

#5. Add Keywords to Domain Name to Facilitate SEO

What is SEO?

SEO is a process of garnering more visibility for your website on search engine through the use of keywords, meta titles, content etc.

Why should you use it?

Since a Domain Name has a direct impact on the Search Engine Optimization or SEO practices of your business, a right keyword in the URL of your Domain Name, will not only help you to increase your CTR or Click-Through Rate but will also help you to better market your product or services.

For example, if your site is about kids, then words like “baby” or “babycart” or “essentialsforbaby” can be good keywords to add to your Domain Name.

And if you were to formally assess this theory, you would see that most Domain Names always have one or more keywords in them.

Further, having your targeted keyword as a part of your Domain helps your site to;
  • Get higher ranking on Google & other search engines.
  • It makes it easier for customers to locate your business online.
  • It helps to create backlinks for your website.

Thus, it is important, that you think of including targeted keywords while creating a Domain Name.

Now, suppose after going through all these steps, you still can’t decide on a Domain Name. You have tried and have come up with a long list of possible names, but are still not entirely sure which one you should go with.

So then what can you do in such a scenario?

Well first thing, don’t worry too much. Secondly, like with everything else, this too has a simple solution. And the solution to this problem comes in the form of Domain Name Generator Tools.

B. Domain Name Generator Tool

As the name suggests, this tool helps you in finding a suitable Domain Name based on the inputs you provide. You may think of it as a brainstorming tool, which works on the input-output method.

The inputs can be in the form of a keyword, which you might think is closely related to your business or a combination of two words, which you think is quite unique. And depending on your search, a list of prospective names are generated.

For example, let’s say you decide to use NameTumblr, which is one of the Domain Name suggesting websites.

All you have to do is:
  • Type in a Name of your choice.
  • Next, add whatever more you need from the filters that are available.
  • Lastly, click on the Check Domain button.

That’s it!

You will get a list of potential domain names based on the inputs that you have provided. Now all you have to do is choose a domain name that you prefer and check if it is available with your Domain registrar.

See how easy it is?

And like NameTumblr there are a few more websites that can help you with finding a Domain Name. Some of these include;

From the above points, it must have become clear to you as to why a Domain Name plays an important role in achieving success for your online business.

Now, let’s talk about how Domain Name can make or break your Brand

C. Impact of Domain Name on Brand

What is a Brand?

In simple words, a Brand is a product or a service by a company under a particular name.

For example, let us take Toothpaste.

When you go to the market, you are more likely to purchase a Toothpaste with a popular name or brand, say, Colgate, than the one which is not much known.

Similar is the case in the online world.

You are more likely to buy a product or hire a service from a reputed & trusted brand like Amazon or Flipkart than from a brand which you are not familiar with. Thus, for this purpose, it is important that your Domain Name is aligned keeping your Brand in mind.

Further, a unique Domain Name will help in terms of:

#1. Building an Online Brand Identity
#2. A Well-Built Domain Name Will Show Credibility
#3. A Strong Domain Name Helps In Marketing Your Brand
#4. Domain Name Helps To Create A Loyal Customer Base

Now, let's delve deeper and understand each of these points.

#1. Building an Online Brand Identity

What is Brand Identity?

Brand Identity is a visible element, that sets you apart from your competitors and as such can include a logo, a tagline, design etc.

Simply put, a brand identity is what you want the market or your target audience to perceive about your product or brand. Thus, if you want to achieve success in the online world, then building a strong identity for your Brand is essential.

How can you achieve it?

Simple, by getting the Domain Name right!

Remember a Domain Name is going to be the first impression of your Brand.
Thus, choosing a domain name in connection to your Brand, one that improves brand awareness and helps you to establish a synergy throughout all communication methods, it is essential.

#2. A Well-Built Domain Name Will Show Credibility

A simple fact, if your audience can’t trust your Brand, you can never be a successful enterprise. Thus, selecting a good Domain Name not only gives your business a professional touch, but it also lends you the tag of being reliable & well established.

Additionally, when you put an effort in building your Domain Name, it shows your audience that you are serious about your business and tells them that you are in for the long haul, thereby they can depend on your Brand.

For instance, let’s take the example of a famous brand like Amazon. What is it that gives credibility to a Brand like Amazon?

Well here’s the deal:
  • Amazon has a distinctive name that can be easily memorised.
  • They live up to their reputation of delivering best quality services and products.
  • People who have tried their service trust them explicitly.
  • It is a brand that is endorsed by millions globally.

Bottom line?

A startup may require enough time to acquire this kind of trust, but it is important to remember, that it all starts with creating a right Domain Name, one that people can come to trust in time.

#3. A Strong Domain Name Helps In Marketing Your Brand

More & more off-line businesses today are joining the online bandwagon, with the view of making their business a successful enterprise in the virtual world. As a result, you’ll see all big companies, for that matter most local businesses today, owning an online site.

And with this powerful tool in hand, they try to market their product in the most economical way possible, one which could also be used by you, to market your Brand to a large number of people.


All you need to do is incorporate your web address or Domain Name in your business card, company stationery like an invoice, letterheads etc, or just add them to your emails.

That's it!

Now, whenever you send an email or give out your business card, it will prompt people to come online and check your brand, thereby creating both an offline as well as an online base for your business, with just one addition.

See what difference, a simple Domain Name or web address can make in terms of marketing your Brand?

#4. Domain Name Helps To Create A Loyal Customer Base

This is a biggie!

While on one hand, a memorable and credible Domain Name will likely get more visitors to your website, a well-advertised Domain Name, on the other hand, will help you to create a large customer base.

That’s right!

Easy recognition & recollection of Domain Name, will lead to word-of-mouth marketing, which plays an important role in terms of building a customer base.

And if you have an unforgettable Domain Name, just think of the impact word-of-mouth marketing can have on your business.

For example, if a person visits your website, buys a product & is satisfied with your service, he is more likely to recommend your Brand to his contacts. And he can do this only if he is able to remember your Brand Name.

Thus, it is important to pick a right Domain Name that is identifiable by a larger audience, if you want to create a loyal Customer base.

D. How to Buy Domain Name on BigRock?

BigRock is the best place to buy a domain name. It is one of the best domain name registrars in India and offers you a range of domain options along with the best deals that will help you to save a lot of money.

Here is how you can register a domain with BigRock.

Step 1 – Visit BigRock. Once there, click on “Domains” followed by “Domain Name Registration

Step 2 – Now, enter the Domain Name you want to register. Select Domain Extensions (optional) and click on “Search for Domain Name(s)

Step 3 – From the list shown to you, pick a domain of your choice. Click on “Add” and then click on “Checkout.”

Step 4 – Next, you will be given the option of “Hosting” and “DIY” package to go along with your Domain Name. Select a service you want to add or just click on “Continue Checkout” to proceed further.

Step 5 – Review your order summary. Check duration, enter Bigrock domain coupon. Check the Total Amount and once satisfied, click on “Proceed to Payment

Step 6 – Lastly, sign in to your existing Bigrock account or create a new account. Next, select your mode of payment to complete your order.


In conclusion, from the above points, it would be reasonably accurate to say that a Domain Name is a key factor for creating a successful blog or a website. Hence, it is important that you never underestimate the potential of a good Domain Name.

Also, keep in mind, that a Domain Name has the power to make your site more lucrative or break it by simply getting lost in the online world. Thus, no matter what name you select, remember to incorporate the above-mentioned factors while creating a Domain name, if you want your site to take-off in the online world!

Now, if you are looking to purchase a web hosting to go along with your domain name, then make use of these Bigrock Coupon to buy one at a discounted rate. Further, if you are unsure as to whether or not Bigrock is the right choice for you, then fret not and read this Bigrock review before making a final call.

Was this how to choose a domain name guide helpful? Let us know in the comment below!

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