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One of the most reputable top 10 web hosting India, HostPapa provides high-performance services. How do they do this? They have data centres that guarantee 99.9% uptime. Not even power outages can stop their services from working because they have prepared for such eventuality.

Their data centres are constantly secured so you do not have to worry at all about the safety of your data. They also have won a whole slew of awards and have been featured in multiple magazines. To top it all, they are a green company so you can be sure the environment is looked after when you use HostPapa.

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Another added benefit to using HostPapa is the availability of HostPapa coupons that promise great savings to their customers. In essence, the HostPapa coupon codes let you cut down on the price in ways that other hosting companies who have their own servers can’t, and on top of that, you get exciting Freebies as well, which is almost the equivalent of having your cake and eating it too.

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Why Choose a Web Hosting Company?

Why would using a hosting server overtake the norm of having your own server? The idea of a Dedicated Server is that you have unadulterated control over how and what the server is used for. It means as an organization you are able to prioritize certain functions deemed more important over those that are less important.

So how can this absolute power of the company resources be outsourced to hosting companies? Also, how could this trend take hold of the market?

A huge selling point for using hosting companies is that you may give up control on a number of issues, but you also free up time and energy that can be used for other functions that may be more beneficial than control over a single server. There is a multitude of advantages to using hosting that using your own server do not even come close to getting.

It’s also not often you get a 100% money-back guarantee on services rendered. Plus, an added benefit to using hosting companies is the prospect of promotions, like in the case of HostPapa promo codes.

As such, with over 20,000 websites hosted on HostPapa, let’s take a look at how you can purchase HostPapa hosting, its notable advantages and other FAQs. For further information on HostPapa hosting packages, take a look at this HostPapa Review.

How To Buy HostPapa Hosting

Step 1: Click on your preferred HostPapa coupon code from above. This will take you to their landing page. Here, pick the hosting package of your choice. The HostPapa discount coupon would be automatically calculated into the price. Click on the “Get Started” button, to proceed further.

Step 2: If you already have a Domain Name, you can transfer it here. If not, you can enter a new Domain and click on ‘Check Availability.’

Step 3: Enter your personal details to create an account. Select ‘Next Step’ to choose your mode of payment and to complete your order.

Notable Advantages of HostPapa Hosting

HostPapa may have some notable status among the hosting companies in India. However, if you are unsure as to why you should choose this hosting provider, then just take a look at these web hosting features that you can avail on the purchase of a hosting package from HostPapa.

Drag and Drop Website Builder

Building a website become simple with drag and drop website builder. HostPapa has a super easy-to-use drag and drop website builder. This means that anything you put on the site will be exactly where you want it to be, no hassles. You will be able to have an idea of what your site will look like as you build. This is especially important for those with no knowledge of coding, but who wish to stay relevant in this digital world.

Free Domain Transfer

Do you have a Domain registered already, but are unhappy with your current host, for some reason or another? Are you considering porting your hosting needs to HostPapa? If yes, then you are in for a treat because they make this whole process as easy and streamlined as possible. They take what can be a very harrowing time in your business life and make it a relatively easy and unencumbered process. If you have not registered a domain, then check out this guide on how to choose a domain name and register it now.


Technical service can make or break certain businesses depending on their particular business context. HostPapa offers year-round support for your technical requirements. This makes sure that if you are ever in need, there will be someone out there to help you and more importantly, they are just a phone call or an email away.

HostPapa Billing and Other FAQs

What is Linux?

Linux is an operating system, like Windows. It was created in 1991 and has a penguin called Tux for a logo, this is closely related to its original creator. Linux has many different versions, they are called Distributions. Some of these different versions are free. Go here to check out the Linux Hosting in India.

Why is Linux so popular in Web hosting?

Some of the different Linux distributions are free, which can be very enticing to web hosting companies, thus making it very popular. This makes it possible for companies to set up many Linux servers without having to shoulder the cost of buying licenses.

Security is also a major concern as servers can be prone to hacking. Linux is secure, some believe more than Windows and have the trust of most developers. Of course, this belief is also subject to the knowledge of those operating it.

Who is a Hosting Reseller?

Resellers are very similar to those using Shared hosting. The difference is what they do after having bought the hosting services. They take the resources they have bought and divide them and create their own hosting packages. These they then resell to customers. They can sell different packages from Shared hosting plans to VPS, Cloud hosting and even Dedicated packages.

Which hosting plan should I choose: Starter, Business or Business Pro?

This is a highly subjective choice. The hosting package you choose to go with will depend fully on the requirements of your sites and what you need your host to provide. The starter pack allows you to host 2 websites. If you are looking to have more than 2 sites then you will not want this package as it will mean upgrading sooner than expected when you want more sites.

If you are looking at more than two sites then the Business and Business Pro plans are for you. They both include hosting for unlimited websites. The added benefit of the Business Pro package is extensive features. These include but aren’t limited to the free use of CloudFlare CDN, but also much more RAM and CPU power. These translate to a faster website. Other features include Domain privacy, SiteLock Website Protection Services, SSL certifications, as well as automated website backup at no extra fee.

Why would I upgrade from Shared hosting to a VPS?

First, you have to understand how Shared hosting works. Shared hosting is when multiple users or websites share the same server. Each has a partition within the same machine. As such, most things that happen to one website will affect the other server. These were things like a virus or one customer using a script with bugs. This makes itself felt when you experience your site being sluggish.

However, with a Virtual Server, you are compartmentalized from the errors of other customers. This is because Virtual Servers are servers within a server, therefore, you are protected from this. So you run your own software and are allocated your own resources. Due to their nature, VPS packages protect you from the implications of “bad” actions from other users.

Should I register my Domain with HostPapa or elsewhere?

It is generally better to use the same company for both your Domain Name Registration and Hosting. This is especially true for those cases when you have not yet registered a Domain for your website. A selling point for HostPapa is that they offer one Domain registration free of charge for one year. After the initial free year, you are billed annually for the domain at the respective price.

When taking advantage of Hostpapa hosting coupons, you can even get more savings. It is possible that you find a better deal than this. If you do find one, you are free to transfer after taking advantage of HostPapa’s brilliant deal. There is no charge for transferring Domains to another away from HostPapa.

Can I choose Month-to-month Billing?

Unfortunately no. You can only pay for 12 months or more. There are other packages but they are for much longer time periods.

What other Billing Cycles do they offer?

There are three different billing cycles for you to choose from. These three are 12, 24, and 36 months. You can choose any of these payments and billing cycles. It should be noted that the longer the billing cycle you purchase the higher the discount you will enjoy being applied to your monthly rate.

Is Domain Registration Free?

Yes, you get one free Domain registration for free for one year. After the first year, your Domain registration will renew at their respective price.

What Types of Payment do they accept?

HostPapa accepts all the major credit cards as long as they are Visa, Mastercard or Discovery. They also accept payments via PayPal.

Is there a Money-back Guarantee?

Yes, HostPapa has a 30-day money-back guarantee. You should note that within the 30 days of signing up if you cancel you will get a refund of the hosting fees. This means that Domain registration is non-refundable. Should you choose to get a refund after the 30 days you will not receive any with respect to Domain registration or hosting fees.

Will my price go up when my Hosting Plan Renews?

Probably. HostPapa offers special introductory rates for many of their hosting plans, which will be applied to your first invoice only. When your account renews, the regular rates will be applied. You can get a bigger discount by choosing a longer billing period (up to 36 months) for your first invoice, especially if you are using HostPapa coupons.

What is Domain Privacy?

This is meant to protect you from those who would commit malicious harm against you. This protection comes from the necessity derived from the fact you will have your information registered with the WHOIS domain registry database when you register for a domain. This information includes your name, address, phone number and email address.

With these being public information you are vulnerable to identity theft. When you purchase this protection for the yearly fee, you patch this vulnerability. When you register your domain, your domain registrar’s information will be the one shown and not yours.

Should I purchase SiteLock Website Protection?

SiteLock Website Protection is available for free with Business Pro hosting accounts, but it costs ₹2,388/per year to add it to Business or Starter accounts.

The service includes malware blacklist monitoring, spam blacklist monitoring, SSL support and monitors your site regularly for DDos, SQL injections, cross-site scripting and other threats. You can also display the security seal on your website to reassure customers.

Depending on the software you use for your website, you may not need this service if you already have protection in place. But if you’re not sure, then the extra fee may be worth it.

Should I purchase the Automated Website Backup Service?

With HostPapa, you get automated daily backups of your website, databases and emails, up to 1GB. There’s also an easy one-step recovery tool which you can use to backup your site for up to 7 versions. Your backups are stored in a separate location, away from your local and server files.

The backup service is included for Free with the Business Pro accounts but costs an extra fee with the Business and Starter accounts. Backing up your website is always a good idea. However, relying on your host to store all your backups isn’t the best solution. Keeping backups with a third-party service, or on your own computer, is a good idea. The more backups you have in different locations, the better. Read this ultimate guide to know how to take backups of WordPress site.