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Dreamhost vs SiteGround – Which Web Host To Choose?

Moving on from our previous review article on SiteGround vs Bluehost, today let’s take a look at how DreamHost and SiteGround compare when pitted against each other, in this SiteGround vs DreamHost review.

A web hosting company not only helps your website to scale in web space but also provides exposure to your business. It powers your site so that your site works at a great speed. It provides unlimited storage options so that there is no issue with expansion. Along with great hosting features, web hosting companies also provide integration features.

With so many Best web hosting India companies providing the best web hosting plans, you need to choose the best one that’ll offer you amazing benefits. Thus, if you are confused regarding DreamHost and SiteGround, then here is a quick DreamHost vs SiteGround review for you.

Which Web Host To Choose – Dreamhost vs SiteGround

Choosing a web host is a challenge, as there are many available. All promise to offer you the best of features at an attractive price tag. But, not all deliver what they promise. For this reason, it is important to research and pick the best hosting for your website/blog. In this article, we’ll look at two prominent web hosting providers; DreamHost and SiteGround, to know which is better. So, read this DreamHost vs SiteGround review and choose the right web host for your website.

1. Dreamhost vs SiteGround – General Overview

General Overview of DreamHost

DreamHost is a well-known name in the world of hosting. It offers flexible hosting plans and features depending on your needs. The company powers more than 1.5 million websites worldwide.

It offers open source integration with real-time support. It helps people own their digital presence, which makes a difference. The hosting company helps you to build a reliable and effective website. Plus, with WordPress integration support, you can expect your website to scale better. Read this DreamHost review for in-depth information.

General Overview of SiteGround

Founded in the year 2004, SiteGround powers more than 2 million domains worldwide. It offers different plans in hosting that will help you build a customized website. It offers complete web hosting with WordPress integration features. The seamless website-building options let you add plugins and other add-ons to your site.

It offers an ultra-fast network with cloud storage as well and is a perfect hosting solution for small and medium-sized business owners. For more details, check out this SiteGround review.

2. DreamHost vs SiteGround - Types of Hosting

Types of Hosting Offered by DreamHost

DreamHost hosting offers shared hosting and dedicated server hosting. It offers domain name hosting with monthly web hosting.

A monthly web hosting plan is ideal for startups and small business owners. Dreamhost hosting offers virtual private servers with WordPress hosting. With WordPress integration, you'll be able to install WordPress in a single click.

WordPress hosting is also good for bloggers. With website builder tools, you'll be able to build a sustainable website. 

Types of Hosting Offered by SiteGround

SiteGround offers Cloud hosting and Reseller hosting. It offers special enterprise hosting plans that may benefit big enterprises.

It also offers web hosting for agencies with different plans. The student hosting feature can help students as well. It offers different domain name support with email support.

The plans also let you integrate with WordPress and offers 1-click WordPress install. You can also integrate with WooCommerce websites. SiteGround offers website transfer feature that can also help if you need to transfer a site. 

Verdict: Both companies offer different types of hosting, but DreamHost offers better plans that suit every need.

3. DreamHost Vs SiteGround Review – Hosting Features Offered

Hosting Features Offered by DreamHost

DreamHost offers a custom based control panel. It offers unlimited MySQL databases. It offers unlimited backup and space. It offers high-performance SSD drives and essential web hosting features that powers a website.

It offers root and shell access features on plans. DreamHost web hosting offers an easy scalable RAM option as well. It offers single-click installation and automatic updates on all plans. It also provides responsive and professional themes for your website.

With unlimited email account support, you’ll get an added advantage. With solid-state drives, it offers up to 200% faster performance. The DreamHost hosting provider offers up to 100% of uptime, which is great for any site because if the speed and uptime are slow, it does affect the website.

Hosting Features Offered by SiteGround

SiteGround offers free transfer on new sites with a single click installation feature. It offers automated daily backups with complete email support. It offers modern optimized hardware that ups the performance of the site.

It offers free cPanel support with active uptime monitoring. With 99.9% of uptime guarantee, your site will surely have good website traffic. If the uptime is not that good, it also affects the SEO rank of the site.

SiteGround also offers CloudFlare and CDN support. It also offers free WordPress transfers and integration.

WordPress integration with one click support will help to customize a site better. The user-friendly cPanel support also offers easy access. SiteGround also offers automated migration along with unlimited backup and support. 

Verdict: DreamHost offers great features on plans, so it is a clear winner here.

4. DreamHost Vs SiteGround - Security Features Offered

Security Features Offered by DreamHost

DreamHost offers security features like complete malware protection. It prevents your site from malware threats and attacks. It offers free domain privacy SSL certificates. Though most plans of DreamHost come with SSL certificates.

It auto-updates for added features so you can build a sustainable site. There is no risk of security for your site as it'll be secured.

Security Features Offered by SiteGround

SiteGround company offers ModSecurity features for the site. This helps the site with the most common spam attacks.

It also regularly updates the features of the site. It offers SSL certificates and other added security support. In this vulnerable time, it is important to have all the security features in place, and SiteGround provides great security features. 

Verdict: DreamHost and SiteGround both offer good security features on plans.

5. DreamHost vs SiteGround – Customer support

DreamHost Customer Support

DreamHost offers 24/7 customer support on plans. You can email or phone the customer support team at any hour if you have an issue related to the site. It offers live chat feature all through the day. 

SiteGround Customer Support

SiteGround offers complete customer support in the form of email, chat, and phone. With the live chat feature, you can ask the technical support team about any query related to the site. The site also offers complete documentation support that will help you if you are stuck with an issue related to the building of the site. 

Verdict: DreamHost and SiteGround both offer better customer support that will help you create a sustainable site, so both win here.

6. Dreamhost Vs SiteGround Review - Payment Options

DreamHost Payment Options

DreamHost accepts different modes of payments that include all major debit and credit cards. It all accepts PayPal, gift certificates and money orders. It also accepts different offline payment modes. 

SiteGround Payment Options

SiteGround accepts PayPal and online transfers for the site. It also accepts different credit cards and debit cards. However, the terms may change according to your location. 

Verdict: Both the hosting companies offer almost all payment modes, so both win here.

7. Dreamhost Vs SiteGround – Money-back Guarantee

DreamHost Money-back Guarantee

DreamHost offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on plans. If you apply for a refund after 30 days, then it won’t be accepted. It also offers transfer and migration facilities on plans. 

SiteGround Money-back Guarantee

SiteGround offers 30 days of money-back guarantee on different plans. But for cloud hosting, it offers a 15 days money-back guarantee. The refund will not be initiated after 30 days.

Verdict: DreamHost hosting and SiteGround both offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, so both win here.

Final Verdict

DreamHost is an ideal platform for hosting as it offers flexible features' on plans. You'll be able to choose a plan depending on your expediency. DreamHost offers easy integration with WordPress and good technical support. It also offers a DreamHost coupon.

SiteGround offers good features that can be customized based on your needs. As there is a range of hosting plans to choose from, you'll have to select based on your needs. It offers good features with added plugin benefits. It also offers good server support.

In DreamHost vs SiteGround review India, DreamHost seems to be a clear winner as it offers complete efficiency and reliability to build a scalable website. 

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