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Best Web Safe Fonts – 15 Different HTML & CSS Font Style for Websites

We all get bored with the same things, so change is important in life. This also applies to the web world. After creating a website, having the same look for your site for years can be boring. Thus, it’s important to change the look of your website and what better way to enhance its look than changing the fonts.

Different font styles can engage visitors to the website. Best web fonts are not only dynamic but also creative. Earlier there were not many options available in CSS and HTML fonts, but there are many best font style options available today.

Web safe fonts are a new trend in web designing and content creation. In fact, according to Webinsation, 90% of web designing is about the image assets and the right font usage. Best web fonts work across many websites and apps as well. These fonts are also compatible with different browsers.

Which different font styles can you use for a website?

From the huge list of web safe fonts, picking the best web fonts for a website can be tricky. Thus, if you are a web designer looking for the best fonts for websites from the CSS font-family list and HTML font-family list, then here is the best fonts for websites that work seamlessly across all the Windows & Android platforms. Take a look!

What Does Web Safe Fonts Actually Mean?

Just like the best FTP clients & software for MAC & Windows, most web safe fonts are selected based on operating systems or devices.

Windows and Android-based platforms have grouped versions of fonts. Web safe fonts overlap across all the platforms giving uniformity. They are a small collection of fonts from Google to Windows and from MAC to Android. These fonts can be controlled across all the devices. So, you don’t have to differentiate between CSS font-family list and HTML font-family list.

In short, best web safe fonts have a universal appeal and can be used anywhere. Most web designers rely on these kinds of fonts for designing a website.

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And Here Are 15 Best Web Safe HTML & CSS Fonts

1. Times New Roman

It is perhaps one of the best font for websites across the globe. As the font is simple and easy to use, most web designers stick to Times New Roman.

It is the best font for reading as it keeps the readers on the hook. In fact, if you look at the CSS font family list then this font is the most popular one. The font is well accepted on all the Windows devices as well. This actually is a new variation of the old Times font.

2. Helvetica

Helvetica is the best font style for the website. Most web designers use this font for web designing. It’s designers go-to Sans-serif font. The best part is its simplicity and the appeal is great.

Helvetica is a fall back font so it is mostly used in almost every website. It's also great to experiment with the site. Just like for beginners, BigRock is the best web hosting India, you can read this BigRock India review to know more. Likewise, for beginners designing a website, this is indeed the best English font to use.

3. Courier New

As Courier New is quite similar to Times New Roman, it is used for designing most of the websites. Though it’s not completely outdated still, this font generally gives a newspaper feel.

It’s kind of a simple Monospace font that you can use for designing a website. If you like simple fonts, then this is the best font for reading. It’s an old classic font from the HTML font family list.

4. Arial

Arial is again the most widely accepted font used for CSS from CSS font family list. Though, its identical to Helvetica font, it looks different while reading. The font is substituted on Windows devices.

Arial is the best font for headings. Arial was created so that printer's don't have to pay for a license. Web designers use it as an option for designing. The font belongs to Sans-serif best font family for CSS.
Arial Black is a bolder version of Arial font and is mostly used for bold headers.

5. Times

If you talk about traditional best English fonts, then this font scores high. Times is basically the most used font for newspaper and prints. It’s one of the most recognized fonts in the world. From small headers to narrow columns, the font does make an impact.

Most of the best web designers & developers use this font to keep the website simple for reading purpose. Times Header and Times Body Copy are also best web fonts you can use for simple websites.

6. Verdana

It's the best true web font with a simple structure. The size of the font makes it look amazing. As the letters are in elongated form, everything that you read is clear. This font can actually help to attract many users to your website.

This font streamlines in a perfect way and its way bigger than other older Sans-serif fonts. The Verdana font is meant for certain web pages and won't really suit every web design. This also depends on the web designer. It's little similar to Arial font though.

7. Palatino

It’s a Sans-serif font from the CSS font family list. It is also a part of the humanist typeface family, which dates back to the Renaissance. Its the best font style for a website as its structure is pretty large.

Most web developers use Palatino for titles and headings of a website. The best part about the font is it’s available across all the platforms and devices for CSS & HTML. The font is indeed perfect for print style ads and web.

There are two more versions to this font – Palatino Header and Palatino Body Copy.

8. Georgia

Georgia is somewhat similar to Verdana font but its structure is stylish. Georgia is amongst the best stylish fonts available for HTML and CSS. Georgia font can't be paired with other Sans-serif fonts as the pairing won't click.

The font has a very elegant English font feel to it which makes it stand out from other fonts that are used for websites. It's the best stylish font for web pages that can be read on low resolution. The websites that commonly use this font are E-reading websites. You can also use Georgia Body Copy and Header for websites.

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9. Garamond

Though Garamond is an old school font, it is still the best font for website and reading. In fact, this font dates back to the 16th century because of its structure. But, due to its simple style, it was revamped and introduced to the best font family for websites.

It was also bundled up on Windows and other platforms. The Garamond font is stylish and can be used if you want to add that extra element in your website. You can use Body Copy and Header Style in this font.

10. Comic Sans MS

Comic Sans MS is the best Google font for a website. It's different and not like the regular Arial and Roman fonts that are available for CSS and HTML. The font is playful and a quick alternative to Sans-serif options.

If you want to make your website a bit quirky, then you can use this font. It's not for your regular websites if you intend to keep it simple. You can take this to be the best font style though.

11. Bookman

Bookman belongs to the family of a Serif typeface. In fact, it is the best font style for CSS. Though it’s a classic font style, its structure is different and bold. The design is simple but it’s the best font for reading.

Its structure makes a great choice for a large chunk of passages on the website. Bookman Header or Old style is perfect for headline option. If you use the font in small size, there won’t be any problem related to the readability of the font.

12. Impact

Impact font is actually like an impact you want to make through text. The font is bold and it is amongst the best heading fonts. If you are looking for a great headline choice for a website, then this is an ideal choice for you.

For small words, this font is great. However, for long passages or sentences, this would look a bit out of place. As it's too bold, reading would be tough. You can also use Impact Body Copy and Impact Header for your website.

13. Arial Black

Arial Black is the bold version of the Arial font. It is indeed the best font style for the website. It’s not only bolder in style but also bigger so you can expect complete clarity. It’s similar to Helvetica and most people get confused between these different font styles.

The font is simple to use. It’s the most popular fonts in web safe fonts. Arial Black Header is generally used for headline or title of the website. Arial Black Body Copy can also be used as the best title font.

14. Trebuchet MS

It’s a Sans-serif font designed by Vincent Connare for Microsoft. The font is popular and amongst best fonts for websites. Most web designers use this font for Body Copy throughout sites and the internet.

The Trebuchet MS font was first used in mid-nineties. The font was also popular in XP version of Windows. It is indeed the best stylish font for CSS and HTML. You can use it according to your website type.

15. Chalkduster

Chalkduster is a stylish font that you can use for the website. It’s a font that is similar to chalk on a blackboard. The best part about the font is it’s detailed and its structure is bold.

This best font style for the website is suited for small text or paragraphs. It’s the best font for reading as well. You can also use the font for titles and headers.

Web Safe Fonts – Some Spark And Some Glamour

Picking the best web safe fonts is similar to choosing the best hosting company, you need to review each before making a choice. Web hosting comparison reviews like BigRock vs Godaddy and BigRock vs HostGator make selecting a hosting provider easy. Similarly, we hope that this guide makes picking the best web safe font simpler for you.

Web safe fonts are the need of the hour for CSS and HTML. They are not only widely popular but also well accepted on all the major platforms. Some web designers prefer simple fonts like Arial and Helvetica, while some prefer Georgia and Comic Sans MS to add that spark to the website.

There are so many different font styles for CSS and HTML, what is your pick? Do share with us and let us know about your favourite font.

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